Anna Locke is a Director of the UK-based Overseas Development Institute and Head of the Agricultural Development and Policy Programme. She joined ODI in July 2011 after having worked for 19 years in development, 12 of which were in Mozambique. Her focus in recent years has been on land governance and large-scale investment, biofuels and food security.

Anna Locke


Malcolm Childress is a multi-disciplinary land resources specialist with 25 years of global experience, including urban and rural property rights, and strategy for managing critical global ecosystems. His focus areas include land policy and governance, land markets, land registration, property taxation, cadastral systems and spatial planning. Before co-founding Land Alliance, he was a Sr. Land Administration Specialist in the World Bank.

Malcolm Childress



Adriana is a statistical data analyst. She is a PhD candidate in economics and holds a master's degree in cultural studies. She has broad research experience in public policy evaluation, including in land tenure, peacebuilding, food security and rural development, among others. Her skills include project coordination, quantitative and qualitative data collection design, and processing and analysis. She has fieldwork experience in rural areas and with vulnerable populations, including ethnic minorities, conflict victims and undernourished children. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Adriana Gaviria


Denys is a Senior Land Governance Adviser for Prindex, supporting research and country engagement on land tenure security. Before this position, Denys worked as a Program Director for the "Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine" project, World Bank. Denys has worked as an international consultant in agricultural, rural and regional development and impact evaluation for more than 15 years. For the last six years, he has been involved with land governance monitoring and land reform activities in Georgia, Ukraine and Croatia.

Denys Nizalov

Senior Land Governance Adviser

Ian is a consultant researcher for Prindex. His experience includes policy-orientated research on community level urban resilience, ecosystem based adaptation to climate change, and water and sanitation provision. He has expertise in quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis and dissemination, including community-led data collection and mapping, GIS, and household survey design and implementation. Before joining Prindex, Ian was an ODI researcher, worked an engineering consultancy and as a research assistant with the Development Planning Unit at UCL.

Ian Langdown


Joe is an agricultural economist specialising in land, investment and food security. He has extensive experience working in the agribusiness sector and holds a PhD from the University of Oxford. He is particularly interested in studying the impact that responsible investment has on land governance, social protection, poverty and environmental sustainability.

Joseph Feyertag


Regional Coordinators

Moustapha is a land tenure specialist with almost 15 years of experience working in land tenure security and property rights in Africa. A graduate from the University of Maryland, his current research focuses on the intersections between land rights, food security and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa. He has extensive professional experience working on land tenure perception issues with international research institutions, donors and development organisations in both the public and private sector.

Dr. Moustapha Diop

Regional Coordinator for sub-Saharan Africa

Monica is an Ecuadorian environmental lawyer and holds two European Masters Degrees (MSc and LLM). For nearly 20 years, she has been working in Ecuador, USA, Germany and Peru for a number of ONG and international cooperation agencies. She speaks Spanish, English, German and Portuguese and has extensive field experience. She serves as the Latin American Regional Coordinator for Prindex.

Mónica Ribadeneira-Sarmiento

Regional coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean

Shahd's specialism is in refugees and internal displaced people's rights to housing, land and property. With a master degree in land management and land tenure from the technical university of Munich, she has three years experience in the use of land, innovative tools in land management, and land governance. Shahd is also an activist in developing capacity building approaches in the Arab region.

Shahd Mustafa

Regional Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa

Stephane has handled multilateral projects in many countries, with 25 years’ experience securing and managing the implementation of large-scale programs involving various international donors. He has been involved in the management of Land Administration System, Land Tenure and Property Taxation with Property Valuation specialisation. He has been Responsible of Land Administration department of engineering company before spending 7 years in Vietnam as Asia director of a public engineering company.

Stephane Gil

Regional Coordinator for Asia

Communications and programme management

Ana is an experienced project and programme manager for development cooperation projects worldwide. She joined ODI in April 2018 after 7 years managing large donor funded projects on a wide range of topics including energy, economic development and international trade. Prior to this she worked for the Directorate-General for Development at the European Commission on infrastructure and private sector development policy. She holds a MSc in International Development from the University of Manchester.

Ana Lucía Núñez López

Programme Development Manager

Christen Corcoran has experience in political science research and communications. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Universität Bremen and Jacobs University, with an area of focus in Rule of Law. Christen served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco where she worked in the youth and gender development sector. She speaks German and Moroccan Arabic.

Christen Corcoran

Program support and office administrator

Cynthia is a project management professional with expertise in land tenure, agriculture, irrigation and rural finance projects. She has worked for ten years in rural development and project management with MCC, Peace Corps and USAID. Cynthia has extensive field experience in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, China, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe and speaks French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. In addition to working with the Prindex and Global Land Alliance teams, she also manages a small sheep farm in Northern Virginia.

Cynthia Berning

Project Coordinator

Meera is a skilled project manager who leads on Prindex operations, financial management, and keeps everything going on the project day to day. She joined ODI in May 2020 after 5+ years managing programmes for international development charities (including The Holocaust Educational Trust and Sound Seekers), the private sector (Crown Agents), and the UK Government (Foreign Commonwealth Development Office). Her breadth of experience spans the full project lifecycle, from fundraising through to project completion. She holds a BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Exeter and is particularly interested in ensuring development funds are used to create maximum impact.

Meera Rajasooriar

Project Manager

Paul coordinates Prindex's global communications. He has 15+ years’ experience in policy communications and has consulted for numerous think tanks (ODI, iied, CDKN, DRI) and agencies (Landell-Mills, ICF Mostra, Scholz and Friends, Tipik, Phrenos, mc Group) on global development/sustainability projects. Prior to this, he worked for the agricultural NGO Twin, the Fairtrade Foundation, and for fair trade projects in India. Paul has an MA in Communication for Development from Malmö University.

Paul May

Senior Communications Advisor


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