Exposing the global land and housing crisis

Our research finds that almost 1 billion people fear eviction worldwide. This hidden land and housing crisis is holding back development and women’s empowerment and driving conflict and climate change.

For most of us, land is more than a commodity; it is tied to our cultural heritage and identity. Our homes offer more than just shelter, they’re key to our sense of dignity and wellbeing.

Strengthening land and housing rights can safeguard the vulnerable and help us build a fairer, greener more prosperous world. To do this, we need better data to understand who is at risk of losing their rights and how we can defend them.

Our groundbreaking global survey helps meet this need for data by listening to all people – including often excluded groups. For the first time, we have a global measure of land rights and a clearer understanding of the scale of the problem.

In addition to our global data, we conduct in-depth studies within a country to better understand what’s happening in a specific location or to specific communities. Our analysis also seeks to expose how land rights impact other areas of development, including violent conflict, climate change and gender equality.

What we do

Evidence & analysis

  • providing fully comparable open-source data on perceptions of tenure security at the global and local level
  • conducting policy-relevant research and offering monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services

Global outreach

  • communicating our findings, influencing policy, and raising awareness of the urgent need for action
  • building regional networks in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, MENA and sub-Saharan Africa

Collaboration & partnerships

Prindex is a joint ODI and Global Land Alliance initiative funded by Omidyar Network and the FCDO.

Partner with us

The Prindex global dataset is open source and available for individuals and organisations to use in their own research and advocacy work. We also partner with likeminded organisations at the national level to conduct in-depth studies to meet local demand for data.

We believe more and better data will strengthen the case for action and inform smarter policymaking. We therefore constantly seek new partnerships to scale up the availability and quality of land rights data. If you have an idea for a Prindex study where you are, get in touch and let us know how we can help.


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