Global Land Alliance Awarded € 2.1 Million Grant to Advance Prindex


Global Land Alliance has been selected by the European Commission (EC) to receive a €2.1 million grant to advance Prindex. It is part of an overall effort by the EC to advance land governance with the International Land Coalition (ILC), and underscores the importance of data on perceptions of land and property rights. This grant will further develop the global study which asks people how likely they think it is that they will lose their land or property against their will in the next 5 years.

"The EC has shown its leadership on global land governance through its support to Prindex, ILC, Land Portal and the Land Matrix. We look forward to a close partnership to drive land governance up the agenda and strengthen people's land and property rights across the world." said Anna Locke, co-Director of Prindex.

The new funding underscores that perceptions matter to land and property rights. Perceptions provide a strong indication of how people are likely to behave in the future: if people and communities trust that they can stay on their land, they are more likely to invest in their homes, farms and local communities. With the new grant from the EC, Prindex will be able to compare data from before and after the COVID-19 pandemic,

"The EC's €2.1 mn grant to Prindex allows a second round of data collection on perceived tenure security in over 100 countries" said Malcolm Childress, co-Director of Prindex. “This allows us to look at tenure security levels before and after the Covid-19 pandemic."

Prindex has already collected important findings which advance learning and practice: 1 billion people worldwide fear losing their homes in the next 5 years. With this grant, a new round of comparative and worldwide data is made possible. "We are delighted to be working on the next round of global data collection on citizens' perceptions of their tenure security" said Anna Locke, co-Director of Prindex. "Having data from two different years across the globe will be another first for Prindex and the land community."

Prindex: Prindex collects data on how people worldwide view the security of their right to retain use of their homes and other property, in order to encourage and empower governments, business, and civil society working to build a world where tenure rights are securely protected.

Global Land Alliance is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington D.C. which seeks to to enable the sustainable prosperity of people and places by advancing learning and practice of land governance to achieve healthy relationships with land, life and natural resources, emphasizing local and Indigenous knowledge. We understand that communities know their land most intimately, and that rights-based approaches that center local empowerment, inclusion, participation and consent are key to improve land governance agendas.


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