Advancing the frontier of global research on tenure security

Tenure security is crucial to wellbeing and a key component of Sustainable Development Goal 1 on ending global poverty. However, there currently little consensus on how tenure security should be measured, insufficient academic research to guide policies, and no globally comparable data to track progress.

Prindex has been a leader in developing the conceptual framework and methodology to measure perceptions of tenure securing and understand what factors influence them.

To advance these efforts, we have established a Research Advisory Group (RAG) on tenure security. The RAG brings together global experts leading on a range of fields related to security of property rights, including land administration, gender studies, behavioral studies and applied economics. By pooling existing knowledge on tenure security, the RAG aims to identify opportunities to refine and enrich our knowledge and to continually improve Prindex’s approach and methodology. We will undertake joint, interdisciplinary research to advance the frontier of global research on tenure security.

The first meeting of the RAG on tenure security took place on November 18, 2019, with meetings scheduled twice a year. The RAG is co-chaired by Malcolm Childress (GLA) and Anna Locke (ODI). Denys Nizalov is a secretary of RAG.

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