Introducing the PRIndex Analytical Report 2017: Findings from 3-country test in Colombia, India and Tanzania

12 March 2018

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Property rights are a cornerstone of economic development and social justice. One of the most fundamental ways of understanding the strength of property rights is through citizens’ perceptions of them. Yet perceptions of tenure security have never been collected at a global scale, obscuring a clear understanding of the magnitude and nature of citizens’ experience, and preventing the issue of property rights from receiving the visibility and attention it deserves. The Global Property Rights Index, or PRIndex, seeks to address this gap.

The latest in a series of reports on PRIndex testing efforts, this report is based on a 3-country study in Colombia, India, and Tanzania. The primary aim of this study was to identify the best way to measure tenure security in advance of a full-scale roll-out of PRIndex in 2018-9. A secondary purpose was to validate prior test results by producing more precise estimates of tenure security through collection of larger samples drawn from an increased number of clusters.

Results for this test are provided in two reports: in this analytical report, we highlight key findings on tenure security in the three countries based on our recommended tenure security measure. In an accompanying methodological report, we focus on how we arrived at our recommendation for measuring tenure security.

Download the Analytical Report 

Download the Methodological Report 

Please click on the link below to download the dataset and response options for each country and for all three countries. The folder includes the questionnaire file, the codebook and the country-specific data, as well as explanations and answer choices of the dataset title headings. 

Download the data folder

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