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New PRIndex infographics: spotlight on Colombia, India and Tanzania

8 June 2018

This set of infographics shows the key findings from our 3-country test in Colombia, India and Tanzania.

Quarterly update bulletin - May 2018: A new kind of land rights data on the horizon

What would it be like to worry that you could lose your home at any time?

Building Momentum For Policy Change: In Africa and Worldwide

15 May 2018

“PRIndex will accelerate the movement for secure property rights,” states an agreement signed in May between the Global Land Alliance, a parent organisation of PRIndex, and UN Habitat, which is a data custodian for Sustainable Development Goal 1.4.2, on land rights security.

Pilot Study Shows Opportunity To Change Land Rights Conversation

14 May 2018

The interest generated since the March 2018 publication of our three-country pilot study is testament to widespread demand for a new, credible measure of people's perceptions of their security on their land and in their homes.

Building in-country partnerships for better property rights and land tenure security data

24 April 2018

This week the Global Land Tools Network holds its seventh partners meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Ahead of the meeting, PRIndex’s country engagement lead David Ameyaw explains how we will be working with agencies in more than 30 countries to lay the foundations for a global property rights conversation.