What is PRIndex?

PRIndex stands for the Global Property Rights Index, an indicator of citizens' perception of the security of property rights. 

PRIndex is an initiative of Omidyar Network and UK DfID,  being implemented by Land Alliance in association with Gallup, Inc.  An initial phase of development of the index and testing its application is being carried out in ten countries during 2016 and 2017.  After the development phase, the index will be globalized through the Gallup World Poll and other data collections in 2018. 

The PRIndex database is open. The dataset is intended to monitor and encourage good governance of property rights.   Data on perceptions of security of property rights are required to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Forests and Fisheries.

Why does PRIndex matter for development?

Property rights are a cornerstone of economic development and social justice.  Perceptions of security of tenure have never been collected at the global level, preventing a clear understanding of the magnitude and nature of citizens' experience of security and insecurity.  PRIndex addresses this gap, creating a baseline global dataset to support the achievement of secure property rights around the world.   

Who is involved?

PRIndex is an initiative of the Omidyar Network and the UK Department for International Development (DfID) being implemented by Land Alliance in association with Gallup and other partners. A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of research experts in property rights is providing guidance on the design and methodology of surveys and analysis of data. 

What is the status?

  • Draft question module developed with a technical advisory group of research experts;
  • State-level pilot surveys carried out in India with 14,000 respondents;
  • Survey data collected in 10 countries with nationally representative samples (Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Greece, Nigeria, Peru and Tanzania);
  • Data collected from 30,000 respondents in India through a mobile-phone and internet survey;
  • Gallup and Land Alliance will disseminate initial results and lessons from the initial phase to policy-makers in a global convening during December 2016;
  • Country reports on 10 national surveys will be published in March 2017;
  • Global stakeholder consultations and second round of country surveys planned in 2017.